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Zoll M Series CCT Monitor

  • Zoll M Series CCT Monitor
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Product Description

The Zoll M Series CCT (Critical Care Transport) is the Defibrillator Monitor to have for Critical patients. When you're transporting critical care patients, a defibrillator is a capability you need to have on hand. But you also need to keep track of crucial vital signs along the way. The Zoll M Series CCT Defibrillator monitor brings together ZOLL’s superior biphasic defibrillator function, external pacing, complete monitoring, multiple application printer, and a large full-color display in a single portable unit.
The Zoll M Series CCT Defibrillator features a three-channel display for ECG and up to two invasive pressures with ranges covering arterial, pulmonary arterial, central venous or intracranial pressure as well as two temperature channels. It also provides you all the non-invasive parameter options of the Zoll M Series including SpO2, EtCO2, NIBP, and fully interpretive 12-lead ECG.
  • ZOLL XL Battery for longer transport times
  • Transport-ready design, rugged and reliable
  • Easy-to-read Color display
  • Zoll M Series technology and simplicity
  • Full range of parameters for a full range of patients
  • Flexible color display screen
  • Quick, easy connections for all parameters
  • Ready to gather and share critical data via optional Fax or Bluetooth


  • Zoll M Series CCT Xtreme Carrying Case
  • Multi Function patient cables for Defibrillation and Pacing
  • 2 New Zoll NiCad Rechargable batteries
  • 1 Set of Zoll Stat-padz
  • Masimo SpO2 sensor and cable
  • BP cuff for M Series CCT
  • Zoll Capno Flex CO2 sensor and cable
  • ECG electrodes
  • Printer paper
  • A/C power supply cord
  • Instructional Video
  • Operators' Manual

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